Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:What kind of products do you have available?
    A: Charlie’s Pride Meats offers an extensive selection of superior quality, oven-roasted deli products including Roast Beef, Corned Beef and Pastrami, plus our Epicurean Collection line of American Kobe Beef and Kurobuta Ham. We also offer a Gourmet Selection of Choice & Black Angus meats, a line of Specialty Items such as London Broil, Prime Rib and Cajun Roast Beef, as well as Pre-Sliced foodservice items including premium ham, turkey and roast beef. In addition, we also prepare a full line of ready-to-heat Entrées for foodservice, in varieties such as Beef Brisket in Barbeque Sauce, Chicken Teriyaki and Chile Verde. And you'll want to check out our new line of chef-created Au Jus, Dipping Jus and Gravy Mixes specially seasoned to complement your favorite deli sandwich in varieties like Beef Au Jus, "Chicago Style" Italian Gravy, Cajun Au Jus, and Pastrami Dipping Jus. Browse our website to learn more about our entire product line.
  • Q:Is your Kobe Beef and Kurobuta Ham imported from Japan?
    A:a-gourmet.jpgNo, the Kobe and Kurobuta items you see on our Epicurean Collection page are all raised and produced in the USA. Our beef and pork are raised 100% natural, 100% domestic, and we make them 100% delicious.
  • Q:Where can I buy Charlie’s Pride products?
    A: We’re available to consumers nationwide in neighborhood delis, grocery stores, club stores and major chain stores. Our larger customers can order direct from our plant or by contacting one of our regional sales representatives. Check for the Charlie’s Pride label the next time you visit your local store and ask for us by name if you don’t see us there.
  • Q:Can I see the ingredients and nutrition for your products before I buy them?
    A: All of our products, from foodservice to the grocery shelves to the deli case, are labeled with nutrition and ingredients for your convenience. For any additional information, please contact one of our Customer Service representatives for assistance.
  • Q:What safety measures are employed by Charlie’s Pride?
    A: The quality and safety of our products has always been our top priority. Visit the Quality Assurance page of our website for details.
  • Q:Are your deli items fully cooked?
    A: Yes, all of our consumer deli items are fully cooked and ready to eat.
  • Q:Are the Entrée items fully cooked?
    A: a-entrees.jpgYes, all of our entrée varieties are fully cooked, tightly sealed and then refrigerated, ready for you to just heat and eat. They only take 3½ minutes in the microwave, or a few minutes more on the stovetop, so you don’t have to wait long to enjoy a good hot meal. Visit our Entrées link on this website to learn more about them.
  • Q:What causes the shiny, rainbow-colored effect on some sliced meats? And is it safe to eat?
    A: This effect is known as iridescence. It is commonly found in animal muscle tissue before and after processing, and most often appears as a shiny, almost metallic green or orange/red color. Cooked and cured meats often result in a brighter color than uncured meats, making the iridescence more visible. Though some have suspected a connection between the use of phosphates and iridescence, there is currently no data to support that idea. The causes are still not entirely known, but once it appears, there is nothing that will remove or reduce the visible effect. We do know, however, that iridescence is a naturally occurring factor and does NOT affect the quality or safety of the meat in any way. It does not indicate spoilage or degradation of freshness. You can feel confident that consumption of any of our products that might exhibit this iridescent effect is perfectly safe, and should have all the same flavor, juiciness and tenderness that you find in all of our fine products.
  • Q:What do all the numbers and codes mean on your labels?
    A: Our labels are packed with helpful information to our customers. Take a look at our informative breakdown on this link, Understanding Our Labels, and you'll learn how to find just what you're looking for!
  • Q:How long has Charlie’s Pride been in business?
    A: Charlie Dickman started the company in 1969, and we’ve been growing ever since. Visit Our Story on this website for more details of this family-run business.
  • Q:Can I speak to someone directly if I have other questions or comments?
    A:a-dayandnight.jpgWe have people working day and night at Charlie’s Pride, and we’d love to hear from you. Visit our Contacts page for the name and phone number of one of our helpful employees, or send an email to Customer Service. We look forward to hearing from you.